The great thing about Quadrant Zero Arena is the level of customizability it has – you can truly create the look and feel of the DreadBall arena you’ve dreamt of. Mark Wallace has done exactly this…

“I used to play SpeedBall… A LOT! This inspired my name. I’ve then detailed it with mine and Sock’s last names.”

Mark also influenced this bad boy…

“Mad Scot’s” Metal DreadBall Pitch

Former mentor to the Coach of the raucous Krushers team, “Mad Scot” was famed for investing his fortunes in a DreadBall Training Academy in the highland planets. Emblazoned with the proud Red Lion, many of the sport’s rising talents learnt their trade under the watchful eye of the “Scot.”

Detailed with custom graphics, we’ve a highly limited number of this exclusive laminate metal board available. Get yourself a rare and unique playing field for your DreadBall team of your choice!

Don’t want a Scottish board? Let us know on Facebook which board you’d like to see next!

The Metal DreadBall Pitch is new to the Mantic Website along with the DreadBall Rulebook, Card Deck, Mounted Game Board, Dice Set and Decal Sheets!

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