That’s right – Warpath 2.0 is coming soon and it’s bringing with it an updated Army List for the Forge Fathers, as well as the Corporation, Marauders and Veer-myn.

All four Warpath races are getting entirely new and updated stat lines in the new edition.

Like the second version of Kings of War, the Warpath 2.0 rules are still Beta (Warpath will get a big shiny Hardback rulebook like Kings of War next year!) and takes on board feedback from gamers, reworking and reshaping the rules to create a more dynamic sci-fi experience.

Part of this is the introduction of a new Alternate Activation system, creating a notably quicker, more tactical experience than the previous Warpath set of rules. There are also a couple of other fundamental changes…

The battles of the far future are getting a make-over.

The Warpath 2.0 booklet is scheduled for release in September, however we want to give you the opportunity to playtest them before it goes to print and tell us what you think.

Sign-up to the Mantic Newsletter this week and on Friday you will receive a free PDF of the Warpath 2.0 rules and two updated army lists – these are the rough and ready rules we’re working on refining into a nicely laid out booklet for release in September.

Once you’ve got your rules, we’re looking for your feedback (check out our Podcast here for more on what Alessio likes from feedback). Look out for details on how to send us your feedback on the newsletter!

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