Exclusive Warpath Subscriber Specials are coming this weekend in the form of the first and best ever Warpath Army Deals we are going to be doing. What makes them special? Well, you’ll have to be subscribed to our newsletter to find that out!

What we can say is that in addition to massive box of figures, rules and even a very special limited edition goodie or two, is that these guys will be featured in almost all of the Army Deals:

082511 Exclusive - Orx Marauder heroMarauder Warlord – Alternate Angle

250811 Exclusive Forge Father HeroForge Father Hero – Alternate Angle

These are alternate angles of the figures showed off yesterday, as featured by our friends at Bell of Lost Souls and Beasts of War. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and we thank you all for your kind words!

Check back to the blog tomorrow where we will exclusively unveil the cover art for the brand new Warpath Battle Set and watch out for tomorrow’s newsletter landing in your inbox with all the links you need to get your Army Deal this coming Subscriber Weekend.

Outer Space has just got more dangerous – Warpath is coming.

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