Yesterday we receive the final plastic components for the forthcoming Warpath Maruader Launch. We are now just a few days away from receiving the print and then we’ll start making many thousands of Marauder boxes – the most popular of which looks to be the Marauder Army box, with two of the fantastic new buggies – the Raptor – and fifty Marauder Orx. This roughly translates at £1 per figure with the vehicles free!

Fate of the ForgestarFate of the Forgestar contains 55 Figures, 2 vehicles and benefits from free shipping and free Warpath Rules

It is these sets that I think really reflect what Mantic Games are all about. Big piles of fantastically priced miniatures, with vehicles, extra bits and a free set of rules!

The Marauder sprues work in conjunction with each other – so a five man set is one of the heavy weapon/command sprue and one of the 3 man trooper sprues, offering lots of head and weapon choices. A 20 man platoon would be 4 of each sprue – and a great way to add to an Orc army or start a new one.


We are then following up the launch with an incredible Orx hero, and we have plans for a pile of metal conversion bits, such as heads and weapons, some heavily armoured orxs in Resin plastic in the new year – and well generally lots of cool models to allow you to build a large Orx army – and at a sensible price.

best wishes


p.s. we have heard Orky has been locked away in a room with a video camera – so expect some videos soon!

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