Welcome to Dwarf Week!

This week we’re taking a closer look at the Dwarf Ironclads, warriors of immeasurable presence despite there stature. Armed with mighty warhammers and heavy iron shields, the Ironclads are implaceable warriors and form the mainstay of any Dwarf army; new or otherwise.

In Dwarf Week, we’ll have a look over the latest artwork, showoff some of the Threeups and what you can do with the forthcoming plastic kit.

First off, to start the week with a bang, here’s a new piece of concept art from Des Hanley and worked on by Stef Kopinksi – personally, we think it’s stunning, and really epitomises what our dwarves are.

Mantic Games Dwarf Sketch

Remember, click on the thumbnail above for a larger view and make sure you drop us a comment below!

To finished off with, a quick question for you all – what would you like to see from Dwarf Week?

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