Since our Elves hit the shelves about 6 months ago we have generated quite a bit of conversation and comment – and hurrah for that! The Hobby is all about choice and opinion (and lots of soldiers – obviously!!). At Mantic we read and give thought to it all – and as you can see for the forum we don’t edit or moderate topics that criticise or comment on the models or what we are doing (well, mostly true – we do sometimes we go round to critic’s houses and jump on their armies!).

There is one thread and comments that I have seen here and on other forums that is worth a thorough answer. I’ll try and give it an answer here:

Question: Why Metal,  (and why is that more expensive than I want Mantic to be?)

1) We are a plastic toy soldier company!  That is the end goal, and where we will get too. However this takes time and money. We are putting out in plastic all the core regiments for an army. We then add some elites, cavalry and heroes – until we can get these made in plastic – so you can build and complete your army. While these few bits of metal are more expensive than plastics – they are still much cheaper than the competition – compare the price of 5 metal Mantic Cavalry with other metal fantasy cavalry units on the market . This also means the average price of a large army is still very low – because warmachines, and huge infantry blocks are available in plastic at great prices.

We also get to sculpt some really interesting pieces – that would not be viable in plastic. In the coming months you will see some truly fantastic metal sculpts, to support the incredible new Undead plastic range. A few heroes, and some big interesting, characterful pieces. In time we will add more and more plastic (Zombies, anyone?) to the Undead range, as we will to all our armies – until you can buy the fantasy battle army of your choice in metal at a great price.

In three months our Dwarf army comes out (more, much more on this from next week onwards!) – and again you will be able to buy the core of a Dwarf Army for £30 ($60 and E40), two of these sets plus some great metal add-ons will give you well over 100 models, including characters and 4 warmachines – enough for a fantastic force.

Please do keep posting and discussing everything you like (and don’t like!). We read most, if not all, of what everyone writes, and we try to respond through the forums and blog as we can.

Until then, thanks for looking and supporting Mantic. Please keep spreading the work, buying the models and making your local gaming store stock it (again more on this next time).  Until we have it all in plastic, we will keep working to make Mantic a Hobby company whose armies you enjoy buying – always fantastic models at great prices (even if a few are in metal!).

Thanks for the feedback, please keep it coming.

PS: Free shipping is back again by the way, please use the FREEDELWW code at the checkout by popping it in the correctly labelled box.

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