“Isn’t it funny how sometimes you feel as if you’ve got it right – hit the nail on the head etc..

I with the rest of Mantic have noticed that there has been considerable comment on the Web regarding our Ghouls – you have been kind enough to give us lots of positive feedback on those models (we love ‘em too!)

One issue that kept arising was the notion that our Ghouls were a little too ‘aware’ as undead – possibly too aware to be good zombie figures.

Well . . .   .       .                 .                           .

That’s just what we had thought too! We knew that in the undead pantheon that ghouls occupy a specific place in our fantasy wargames mythos ie they are the human guys who run about in a flesh crazed frenzy, rabid for the blood of the enemy.

Now Zombies – they are different. Necromantically raised from the ground, these are once dead bodies shamble across the battlefield, puppets of their evil master, their bodies in varying states of decay and disassembly.

So in making our Mantic Zombies we deliberately took into account our Ghouls – the Zombie models are designed to crossfit with the Ghouls giving you even more variety in your undead horde.

Again we’ve had a bit of ‘ManticFun’ – we have included a base which allows you to model a Zombie without legs – this little piece is similar in design to the ‘emerging skeleton’ base in our Skeleton warriors and Revenants sets. Of course we’ve also added a couple more little touches that we think you’ll appreciate…!


ED: We’re bursting with excitement at the moment at the thought of Zombies (maybe there’s something wrong with us?) so couldn’t resist giving you a little sneak peak at some of the early work-in-progress sculpts that Bob kindly photographed! Check back for more tomorrow!

Zombies WIP

From the Sculptor's Table

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