This week is dedicated to all things sci-fi miniatures related, culminating in the release of Warpath 2.0 on Friday (so you best be signed up to our newsletter!)

The new beta ruleset features four army lists – including rules for the mighty Enforcers – as well as background and all the new rules. We’d like you to tell us what you like, what you don’t like and help us and Alessio create a fun, tactical and fast sci-fi wargame – feedback can be left in the forum!

New Warpath Cover Art by Robin Carey

In addition we’re also going to be launching Episode 5 of the Mantic Podcast where Ben Curry chats to Alessio in an exclusive interview about Warpath and Kings of War, as well as a Q+A session and a DreadBall Kickstarter chat!

Not only that but we’re also going to be delving into the Warpath range and look a little closer at all of the new goodies, including the Enforcers and the new One Player Battle Sets that came out recently, as well as reviews and previews of some bits and pieces we have coming up.

To kick things off, Ronnie recently spoke to Andy from Beasts of War about the future of Warpath!

Stay tuned – there’s more to come all this week on the Mantic Blog!

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