My west coast peeps!  The doors close on OrcCon 2015.  OrcCon is one of the 3 conventions held in Los Angeles and put on by Strategicon.


This was Mantic’s first attendance of OrcCon and it was a very great time. The staff was very friendly and also very helpful.  John the events coordinator and Mike the miniature events coordinator were a pleasure to work with.

At the booth we had a few boxes of Dreadball Extreme as well as Mars Attacks, Dreadball and Deadzone. There were demos of DBX, Mars Attacks and Deadzone all weekend.  I was even told that Deadzone replaced the staff campaign game. So excited for that!

MA Demo

This first year at OrcCon also saw Mantic put on a Deadzone and Dreadball tournament.  While the turn out wasn’t as big as I would’ve liked, the guys that got to play had a great time and many people told me that it was fun to watch the action at least.  I think next year it’ll be bigger.

Congratulations to David Blood who won both our Deadzone and Dreadball tournaments!

Deadzone 1

Dreadball 1


A round of applause for all our tournament participants and we hope to see everyone again next year at OrcCon.

Dreadball 5Dreadball 2


Deadzone 3




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