In October last year the first of the Elven box sets hit the retail shelves. Since then we have launched the Mantic Journal (2 issues!), 2 more complete armies, including the stolid Dwarf Ironclads and incredible Ghouls, Zombies and Skeletons.
We have released 22 different plastic sprues (a prize to the first person who names all 22!!), 10 metal kits and 7 resins in the Collectors range.
We have been to shows all around the world, and enjoyed great support from our fantastic distributors, suppliers, retailers, online fan-sites, the painters circle and all the clubs and shows that have helped us.

Most of all, we have made many wonderful friends over the past 12 months; we started at Gencon, and then at many shows including Salute and Adepticon, we made many more with the free ghoul give away with Wayland Games, and the Beast of War Mantic weekend.

A select few have been with us from the very beginning. They started getting the Newsletters from about this time a year ago, and we went through the 1000 mark in December 2009. So if you were subscribed before then – thank you for being one of the first! We went through 10,000 back in June.

To celebrate our first year of trading we are having a big event weekend. Obviously, we are having the open day here at Mantic Towers – and I would recommend you get on down if you can – we are going to have a heap of fun. There will be great give-aways, prizes and new toys to look at!! (hint? they might be large, mean and gre…)

All weekend we will also be having one-offs on the web site, including loose Elven sprues to allow you to build a truly huge elf army, a few models only occasionally made available and other fun…

Mantic Open Day

And then we are right back to the game launch – the game will be hitting the shelves at the end of October, so get down to your local retailer and place an order – and if they don’t stock it let us know and we’ll phone them right up and demand action!!

We have a video blog planned talking about the various ways you can get the rules, and the hideously high cost we will be charging ;) , and also news will be leaking out after this weekend about our special, secret and exciting new project – which might see huge cavalry units galloping across a battlefield near you soon.

Hope to see you online, or face to face this weekend!!



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