The DreadBall Kickstarter is verging on breaking through the half a million dollar mark and we’ve got Ronnie to tell you more about what’s what!

The simple answer is that Dreadball Ultimate is Season 3! It is more teams, more MVPs – but now with multi-hex figures too – creating more competitive play and more choice.

Briefly, here is what we will do:

There will be 4 teams in season 3 to take the total up to 12 for Dreadball (the Asterians were always going to be a season 3 team if we made it to $500,000!) – and they will be joined by the mysterious Nameless and two more teams….and these are two of the best teams yet!

We will also have the MVPs for these teams and some of the other great and interesting players from across the Co-Prosperity Sphere!

Mellisandra is just one of these special characters – a former mercenary captain, smuggler and bounty-hunter.

What season 3 will also introduce is big bad MVP’s. The working title for these is Giants. They will be multi-hex figures and have a big impact on the game. There will be rules to introduce them into normal 2 player games on the normal pitch – to just add something new and interesting to your games (you’ll all be seasoned pro-players by then!) They will be heavy playtested and will be fully balanced before we even think about releasing them!

However it also allows us to take Dreadball up a level – and introduce multiplayer or multi-team games – so yes finally you really will be able to field 3 of your teams at once – with loads of MVPs and your shiny new Robots!

Shiny Robot Syndrome is common across the Co-Prosperity Sphere

To fit all this we will need to give you more space to play on – and that is why we have offered up a new pitch. This pitch will be based on the ½ pitches you have already seen – with a new central piece to allow you to join them together – with up to 6 sides – creating the ULTIMATE Dreadball arena. You can then play 3 teams each or up to 6 players.

Oh – and the central piece will ABSOLUTELY be compatible with the existing MDF and Acrylic pitches at the amazing Kickstarter price – all you will need is an upgrade piece. We will offer the upgrade piece before we ship your season 2 good items (and it will be available in your local gaming store too, as all the range will be) so you can easily take all your existing Dreadball collection and create – the Ultimate Dreadball arena game!

As you know Mantic is a hobby company, run by Hobbyist for Hobbyists. In my perfect world not only could I play Dreadball as a 2 player simple 45 minute board game – but I would also like to get together with my club and have a 2 hour game of battling robots and heroic MVP’s – and that was why we called season 3 Ultimate – because what could be better than that!

Thanks for backing the project and all your support. Please encourage your friends to join in the fun – every backer helps the game come to a wider audience and will allow us to sponsor Tournaments and organised play around the world. And join us for the last 60 hours of the Dreadball experience if we make it to $1m you’ll get to see me in a cheerleader outfit (oh dear!). There will be lots more teasing about the next 4 teams (one is very, very evil indeed (and 1 is rather cute!), there will be loads of super Giant MVP’s and more.


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