Who are the Enforcers?

Within the GCPS there are hundreds, if not thousands of military forces. As well as the private armies, security fleets and merc companies, there are the standing Corporate Armies. Each of these forces exists for the sole purpose of protecting their parent corporation’s interests, so it is no surprise that this had lead to clashes between rival forces when licensing agreements overlap, or when they both lay claim to a particular asset. They can also be called on to deal with threats from outside the GCPS, under direct edit from the Council of Seven. When territory debates get out of hand, or when corporate forces come up against something they can’t handle (such as when guerrilla fighters on Azure IX massacred the Gorsch corporation’s mining crews, or when the Arklyte Cluster erupted in open rebellion), the council has as its disposal its own elite military force.
For a long time, the council simply used veteran soldiers recruited from the larger Corporate Armies. Unfortunately, most human troopers seemed to lack the stomach for some of the more clandestine operations that were required of them. They were gradually replaced with highly-trained Orx following the Klandax Treaty, who combined brutal effectiveness with utter discretion. Though successful for a time, this was brought to a bloody end by the events of the Mandrake Rebellion. A new solution was required, and one was found in the Enforcers.


The exact details of the origins of this elite military force are shrouded in mystery, known only to a select few outside the council. This knowledge is kept secret by these individuals on pain of extreme sanction. In any case, regardless of where they come from, the Enforcers are without doubt the living embodiment of the council’s will.


In the field, Enforcers are disciplined and deadly. Their training allows them to detach themselves from the horrors of war, stripping away their humanity and leaving only a cold, relentless drive to complete their mission no matter the cost. Further to this, they eschew names in the field, instead referring to each other by serial numbers and squad codes. To the outside observer, each Enforcer looks identical, with very few armour variations or personal touches to mark them apart from their squad-mates. This is intentional; if the enemy cannot identify individuals, it is harer for him to ascertain their numbers.

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