The Forge Fathers

Artisans and engineers without peer, the Forge Fathers are one of the few alien races to maintain their own independence from the GCPS. Traditional and dour by nature, they are nevertheless known to produce their fair share of rebellious sons and daughters. It is these ‘Brokkrs’ who are often encountered in Deadzones.


Formed of a sizeable collection or star systems located to coreward of the GCPS, the Star Realm was already well-established by the Dwarf civilisation known as the Forge Fathers long before humanity took its first tentative steps into the stars. The Forge Fathers are an ancient and incredibly insular culture, preferring to keep themselves very much to themselves wherever possible. Very little is known and even less understood about them by the GCPS, and what little information has managed to be cultivated over the decades since the two civilisations first made contact is uncertain at best.


The Star Realm is ruled over by the clans – each a miniature civilisation in its own right, with its own traditions, customs and outlook It would be a mistake however to consider the Forge Fathers as fragmented. For all the differences displayed by the clans, they remain broadly united by the common aspects of their people. Dwarfs are a long-lived species – exactly how long, none can truly say, but this longevity colours every other aspect of the Forge Father people. They are purposeful and methodical in their outlook, preferring to take the time to ensure a job is done right. They are rigid in their adherence to customer and tradition, to the point of being hidebound, and they never forget any slight perpetrated against them, either by another clan or by outsiders. They are also incredibly distrustful of other races, striving to retain the secrets of their people at all costs.


Each clan retains control over its own territory within the Star Realm. These vary in size from a handful of planets to several solar systems, though their wealth is measured not by their size but by the power and output of their ‘Forge-Stars’ – the name given to the massive contraptions Forge Fathers fashion from the suns of their territories, harnessing the massive energy produced by their thermonuclear reactions into both energy and raw forging power. This technology, together with their planetary engineering, terraforming and global strip-mining capabilities, ensures that the Forge Fathers retain a pre-eminence amongst the intelligent races of the galaxy that is not likely to be challenged any time in the near future.


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