Who are the Forge Fathers?

18th Oct 2011


Seems everything is superbusy in our warehouse this week as in a few more sleeps, the Marauders start shipping!


Whilst you wait for your shiny brand new box of soldiers however, stay with us this week as we take a look at the Forge Fathers, which went up for pre-order on Friday. This begged a question – who are the Forge Fathers? A quick look at the Forge Father hub tell us this:

The ancient and proud race of the Forgefathers is the only culture that managed to retain its independence from the Corporation and trade with the evil empire on almost-even terms. This is certainly due to the technological edge they retain over their dangerous neighbors, especially in the field of space warfare.


While they are fewer in numbers than the humans, the Forgefathers are renowned across the galaxy for the impregnability of their battle-suits and the tremendous magnitude of their thermal guns’ firepower, not to mention the incredible rate of fire and penetrative power of their solid-shot weaponry and the lethality of their heat-hammers and axes.

The talk of technology, battlesuits, thermal gun’s and heat hammers are all things that are going to be explored in the next couple of weeks as we delve deeper into the background of the Forge Fathers (and the Marauders for that matter) and the range, so stayed tuned guys and pop back tomorrow!