We always enjoy going to shows, events and supporting the ever-growing tournament scene. One such event we recently supported was the Fields of War II Tournament in Germany, which wementioned on the blog a couple of weeks ago. Well, pictures of the event are now up and Timo was kind enough to send us a link, so you can check it out for yourself here!

Some shots:

Fields of WarII Zombies

Fields of War II Armies at War

Fields of WarII Prize Winners

Community is a big deal to us, and we’re supporting even more events and tournaments:

Lustria-Online.com Painting Competition – Win a £20 Gift Voucher on the Mantic webstore for first prize and a free random Mantic sprue just for participating! Deadline: 12th August

OZIII Kings of War Tournament – 11/09/2011 Town house Pfersee, City Str 17, 86157 Augsburg. [In German]

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