So we’ve been hinting at Warpath scenery for a little while now and, to get you started, we’ve got 2 new wreckage pieces available on our webstore at a special Launch Price (they’ll be £9.99 after) until the Warpath Launch Party.


Marauder Raptor Wreckage
Jotunn-2Jotunn Hailstorm Wreckage

These pieces, created by the fine fellows at Vengeance Miniatures, are hand cast in resin and make great ruined vehicle markers for your sci-fi game of choice.

Vengeance has also been busy on some concept CAD drawings (those of you signed up to our Facebook page may have even seen an early sneak peak!) – check them out below:


The guys from Vengeance are going to be at the Warpath Launch Party this weekend with some new cool bits and pieces on show and for sale, and the demo tables (also created by Vengeance) are going to be littered with their scenery, making for some cool battlescenes.

As always, leave us your comments below.

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