Wow – we’ve now broken $40K! Simply amazing, thank you so much!

We’re currently hurtling towards our stretch goal of $50,000:

Based on your feedback, we will design and produce a plastic kit to build either an Orc Gore Chariot or a Fight Wagon. Orcs use pig-likes Gores to power across the battlefield to trample all that stand before them. If we hit this target we will also make this kit available in the Special Extras section where if you add one to your pledge, we’ll throw in a second one free!

We’ve also posted up an FAQ with your most pressing questions:

Will I have to wait until next year to get my book and figures if I pledge at a level that includes a new model released in 2013?

We will ship pledges in two parts if there are new releases involved. This means that you’ll get your Rulebook and all models currently in the range in one package in July and then the new models in early 2013 once they’ve been made.

Example – With Veteran, you will receive the Hardback Rulebook in July and the Werewolves and Ogres in early 2013.

Can I have my pledge shipped with an order placed on your website to save on shipping costs?

Absolutely – please email us and we will ship it out all together.

Do I have to pay any postage?

Postage to the US, Canada and Europe is free. There is a $15 shipping charge when shipping internationally.

How do I add Special Extras?

Choose your pledge level and then increase the pledge amount by the value of the special extra(s) you’d like. We will then send a survey out after the Kickstarter so we can get what you want.

If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to ask us via the comments, message us, or post on our blog or Facebook page.

We will try and answer everything as quickly as possible!

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