Mantic return to Kickstarter with the follow-up to the very successful DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game: DreadBall Xtreme.


Taking the glitz and glamour underground, DreadBall Xtreme is a darker, more violent version of the Galaxy’s Greatest Sport, played between two coaches on a rubber-backed, high quality deluxe pitch.

There are a number of expansions for the game funded already, including:

Xtreme Player Manual – with rules and stats for four new sponsors, and all the traits, costs and influences you need to use all of the existing DreadBall teams in Xtreme, the Player Manual also comes with 4 Sponsor models: Dr Zarathusa Kain, Kraato Gon, Rathmar Ul-Iheq and The Shojuun!

Xtreme Xpansion – a set of modular tiles that you can build your own pitch layouts out of, or use examples we provide in the rulebook, this set will also contain a set of Giants, starting with the Chovar Psychozoan.


The Boxed Game also comes with a set of Free Agents that you can mix into your team, including the Pusk and Nameless Bloodsucker above!

With no referee there are no fouls, encouraging players to actively seek out the opposition with brutal slams and devastating stomps, whilst Sponsors bet, threaten and blackmail the way to victory. There are concealed traps, hidden inside hard plastic warehouse scenery scattered across the pitch, and moveable Strike Posts that will change the tactics you need to achieve victory.

Coloured Concept - Plague

Xtreme has already hit $270,000, funding the new Plague Team along the way. As part of the Rage, Rampage and Uproar pledges, you get to pick 1 additional team free, which can be the Plague. With Frenzy, you get a full compliment of 16 players at no extra cost!

The 24-day DreadBall Xtreme campaign raised its $100,000 goal in 38 minutes. We hope to fund new teams, new MVPs and new ways of playing before closing 11:59pm Sunday 16th March. Figures are multi-part plastic and come pre-assembled.

Please pledge your support on the Xtreme Kickstarter here and watch the video below:

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