Hi, Ronnie here. Thanks for being so patient while we moved and got settled into our new home. This was our 4th move in 6 years, so we are really hoping it is the last one for a good while, so we can get on with our mission of making great games and miniatures and offering them at affordable prices!

Warehouse 2We now have internet that is a little faster than snail pace, room for everyone to actually have a desk, a fully kitted out warehouse plus factory space to make and ship the games and models. There is also room that we hope to convert into a 12 table gaming space and store sometime over the summer (or maybe a little later – summer might be busy!). This would be a facility open for Independent clubs to use, as well as Mantic Tournaments and Open Days – until we outgrow it.

So going back to that busy summer…

One of the main reason we needed all this space was to fit all the exciting new releases we are getting ready to ship right now, and this summer sees 2 massive piles of new releases all ready to roll – which is perfect timing because we are just getting to the end of the 1st wave releases from Deadzone 😉

After the scenery has shipped we are going to revisit Nexus Psi. There are more releases for all of the first 4 factions – including the amazing Strider model (in Corporation, Plague and Reb flavours!) and then hot on their heels we will see 2 whole new factions – the Asterians and the Forge Fathers. They are accompanied by a book with complete rules for both factions, a couple of short stories (which fit nicely with our fantastic short story compilation, available at Mantic Digital ), rules for new abilities, new models and multiplayer games.

Mars attacks demoClosely following on their heels (probably in September for Retail stores) is Mars Attacks. This range is going to offer pre-assembled and pre-coloured Martians, Marines and Heroes – all ready to fight it out to save or enslave Planet Earth. Jake has designed a rule set based on the Deadzone mechanic – which offers an easier starting point, yet goes on to develop with crazy and wacky cards (Robots throwing cars and burning cattle – oh yes please!) and sets up some fast paced play.

If you have backed either of these on Kickstarter, I have written full updates for both – so lots more detail over there.

As you can see our next 2 big projects are very near release and Dreadball Xtreme is coming out of testing and many of those sculpts are now off to tooling – so what is going to keep the game designers and concept artist busy? What dark and devious plans do we have?

Well I am not one to gossip, so my lips are sealed… I am saying nothing!
Thanks for reading, let’s do it again soon 😉

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