Today is an exciting day, not just for players of Mantic games, but for sci-fi wargamers, roleplayers and modellers across the world! Yes, we’ve just put out an update to our Deadzone Kickstarter campaign, making that lovely modular plastic terrain even more easy to get your hands on! Check out our awesome video below…


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These new options really open things up for anyone who wants to get involved. Sci-fi wargamer looking for some awesome new terrain to fight over? Pledge at the Urban Wargames Table level, and you’ll get enough modular building sprues to fill a 6’x4′ gaming table. (It’s not just Warpath players that this is good for – we’ve already heard a lot of talk from players of Warhammer 40k, Mercs and Infinity who want to get their hands on this kit!) Want to let your roleplay group see what’s going on in-game? Order an Urban Battlefield and you’ll get enough pieces to make roughly four buildings, which you can take apart and re-use for different scenes! Modellers, get some awesome scenery for your next diorama by picking up a Battlezone or two!

Of course, there’s also plenty of scope for games of Deadzone. Why content yourself with the sprues you get in the box when the sky’s the limit? The Urban Battle and Urban War add-ons will let  you add even more buildings to your games – you could set the entire battle in a warehouse with mezzanines and walkways, or build a tower with multiple levels!

Ideal for Warpath, Infinity, Mercs and Warhammer 40,000

The Urban War add-on bundle

There are so many options available to you, and there will be even more as the Kickstarter campaign progresses! Check out the full story on Kickstarter and order yours today!

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