Zombie Week is in full swing here at Mantic Towers, the interest that people are showing is fantastic, and the feedback we are getting on how great the figures look is what we love to hear.

As a real treat for you here is an example of how good our new zombies can look:

Zombie Front Zombie backPainted by Andrew Wedmore

The release is so close now that the excitement and anticipation here within the office is so high! We know these are some of our best plastic miniatures to date, and we just can’t wait to share them with you.

So to celebrate this big release we have decided that every order* placed on our website will receive a Zombie sprue completely free!

Undead Zombie Sprue
*Please note: any order consisting of just an Open Day ticket or a subscription is exempt from this offer.

Now we are sure you will want more than just one sprue, so don’t forget, not only can get your hands on these fantastic figures in the Zombie Regiment and Zombie Horde boxes – offering a staggering 30 figures or 60 figures respectively – but the Zombies are also included in the Mhorgoth’s Revenge Fantasy Battleset, the Undead Army Set and, for what can only be described as amazing value for money, you can pick up the Zombies in our brand new Undead Army Deal: Malak’s Endless Hordes, containing over an incredible 190 figures!

All of these sets and many more are available for pre-order now, so what are you waiting for – get over to the Mantic website now!

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