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Kings of War is the game of mass combat between mighty armies in a fantasy world torn apart by epic conflict and legendary battles. Its fast-paced, competitive rules make the game ideal for massed battles between hundreds of troops - and with Mantic's range, it's possible to do just that without breaking the bank!

So what makes Kings of War special?

The rule system is clearly written, simple and innovative. Written by Alessio Cavatore, Kings of War is an easy-to-learn fantasy battle wargame that is tactical, simple and innovative.

The rules have been fine-tuned after thousands of games and hundreds of pieces of feedback from the gaming community. It is a clearly written game for hobbyists, by hobbyists that allows you to play large-scale games with lots of miniatures easily and quickly.

It's a fantasy battle game written for both the Casual and Competitive Player. With an innovative turn sequence, a built-in tournament pack and the option to play timed games, Kings of War is a fast and simple game that naturally lends itself to competitive tournaments. It’s such a good fit, even our own tournament organizers have been able to play whilst running the event!

The Miniatures range is ever-expanding, and always affordable!
Nine armies are now available – from the horrifying Undead and brutal Ogres all the way to proud Dwarfs and zealous Basileans. Each is affordable and models are simple to put together, allowing you to get them on the gaming table quickly.

It bring a a fantasy world to life. The compelling Kings of War world has been developing for years and the hardback Rulebook contains a detailed map of the world of Mantica, as well as a history of its land and races. This rich fantasy realm is one of war and bloodshed where kingdoms clash in epic battles.

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