Would you like to join our team of enthusiastic volunteers, running fantastic demo events to introduce others to Mantic Games’ fantastic range of games and miniatures?


Pathfinders are Mantic’s ambassadors of the hobby. They run demo events at games stores, shows, and conventions. They also run all kinds of events and share in their joy of Mantic Games at gaming clubs, through online communities, running events, or anything else that catches their imagination. Pathfinders are outgoing, passionate hobbyists, building excitement in others and showing how much fun our games are, and enthusing about our great range of miniatures.

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Introducing other people to new games and helping them develop their hobby can be a very rewarding experience. If you are the sort of person who enjoys sharing in their joy of Mantic Games, then being a Pathfinder is something you’ll have great fun with. It’s also a great way to get started with a career in the miniature games industry as well. Some of our staff started out as volunteers including Dave Symonds – Marketing Content Coordinator, Matt Gilbert Studio Manager and Chief of Operations & Elvis Fisher Web & Customer service. You will also get to find out and help playtest our latest games.

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  • As a reward for running demo events at games stores, shows, and conventions, we give Pathfinders credit to use on Mantic products.
  • After 3 demo events, you’ll receive your own Pathfinder t-shirt to wear proudly when representing Mantic Games.
  • You’ll receive free entry for you and a partner to all Mantic Open Day events if you aren’t already helping out on the day ;).
  • Support from other Pathfinders through our private Facebook group.
  • Time to explore and enjoy shows and conventions when volunteering.
  • And the occasional surprise for being so awesome!


Most importantly, you need to be passionate and knowledgeable about at least one of our games. You also need to be able to display your passion to others, engaging them in a friendly, enthusiastic and infectious manner.

You will also need a set of painted models for running demos. Don’t worry, we’re not looking for award-winning levels of painting, a basic gaming standard is fine. We can even help out with a demo set for you to paint up if needed.

The Pathfinder role is about sharing your joy of the hobby so others can decide if they want to get started, but it isn’t a sales role. That is for the people working in the shop, or running the sales stand to do.

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You can apply to become a Pathfinder by contacting us at the following email: pathfinders@manticgames.com

Let us know why you think you’d be a good Pathfinder. Also include which Mantic Games you play, as well as your address and telephone number.

We will then phone you to ask some questions to make sure you meet our needs. If successful, we’ll then follow up and get you started as a brand new Pathfinder!


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