Our Retail Partners are the key part of the Mantic Games business. On this page are all the details for your local Mantic Stockist, so you can find the latest releases and in-store organised play events.

If you’re a retailer and would like to stock Mantic products, please use the contacts below.

Mantic Games Sales team:

Trade Sales Europe & Rest of the World Josh Roberts – [email protected]

Trade Sales UK – Clive Stone – [email protected]

Trade Sales North America – Kyle Przelenski – [email protected]  

Distribution Manager North America – Joe Neet – [email protected]

Trade Sales France – Denis Cossard [email protected]

Trade Marketing – Martin Thirlwell – [email protected]

Volunteer Program – Pathfinders

Would you like one of our dedicated volunteers to run free demos of Mantic Games in your store? Our team of Pathfinders are keen and eager to introduce your customers to our great range of games. As a Mantic Stockist, you can contact your sales rep to discuss how we can implement in-store play and demo days to support your sales team.

To sign up to the trade newsletter or to feature in one of our popular STORE SPOTLIGHT blogs simply drop Martin an email at [email protected]