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Welcome to the home of affordable wargames miniatures and fantastic tabletop games!

With popular fantasy miniatures range Kings of War, the science fiction sports board game DreadBall and the mass battle wargame Warpath, our games are simple and innovative, making them easy to learn, fast to play and above all else, fun. Check out our great range of wargames figures and tabletop miniatures in the Shop or learn more about fantasy and sci-fi races such as Elves, Dwarfs, Undead, Goblins, Ogres, Abyssal Dwarfs, Twilight Kin and Orcs in the Games Section.

Our miniatures are fully compatible with all major gaming systems including Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000, Privateers Press' Warmachine and Hordes as well as Infinity and Mercs.

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Welcome to the home of affordable wargames miniatures and fantastic tabletop games!

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Latest updates

Play Great Games: Kings of War Organised Play Is Here!

The passion for Kings of War and Mantica is so high at the moment and there are more games and tournament being played than ever before. We want to support and continue this momentum by helping you run these events, so we’ve worked with the community to put together the Mantic Games Organised Play programme. The Organised Play home page lists a series of downloads, including tournament score sheets, event posters and rules packs for you to print off. This first level of support is totally free for you to use. Beyond that there are also physical packs that retailers, clubs and gaming groups can purchase for a small fee, just to help cover our costs. Tournament Packs There are two levels of tournament pack depending on how many players are in your event, and each includes a printed Organiser’s Guide, certificates and promotional poster. These packs also include prizes for participants, including exclusive Kings of War Art Prints featuring the legendary necromancer Mortibris leading an Undead and Abyssal horde into battle for every player. And the big one even includes a Golden Blaine Trophy! Winter’s Flood Campaign Pack ‘With the sudden ending of the Winter’s Age of Ice, the [...]

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Tue, 24 Nov 2015 15:49:52 +0000 Click for full story
The Next Few Weeks…

It’s an exciting and busy time at Mantic, with Kings of War, Dungeon Saga and DreadBall all fighting for attention before Christmas. The Kings of War: Uncharted Empires book is released direct to stores and our website this month. It contains all new background and nine force lists for the likes of Ratmen, Salamander and The Herd, should you have suitable miniatures to use in Kings of War. You can pre-order it here and it’ll start shipping in two weeks, or as part of the Armies of Mantica bundle. Then there are November’s reinforcements – including the brutal Ogre Hunters and disgustingly gross Zombie Trolls – shipping at the same too. Take-up of the new edition of Kings of War is unprecedented, and there’s news that major US tournaments are taking up the system as their fantasy battle system of choice. “The South region (Texas/Arkansas/Louisania) TOs got together this weekend with some TOs from the southeast and Midwest to discuss the future of the Indy GT scene. After a lot of discussion and some debate, we held a vote and agreed that in 2016 the Indy GTs will be running Kings of War instead of Warhammer 8th Edition or Warhammer: [...]

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Supreme Iron-caster on Great Winged Abyssal

Iron Casters blend the natural skill of the Dwarf with all things mechanical with the unnatural sorcerous power of the Abyss to fuel their unholy creations. The strength of will required to bind these elements to their bidding is phenomenal, and it is no coincidence that the greatest of their kind rise to positions of power among their blighted kin. A supreme Iron Caster is a being of immoveable purpose, and will use that power to subjugate a Great Winged Abyssal. Vicious creatures born of dark magic and malicious hatred, they do not submit to a master easily. On the battlefield, the combination of the dark power of the Iron Caster and the brute force of his mount is a deadly combination. Cruel masters amongst the Abyssal Dwarfs, Supreme Iron-Casters are mighty wizards capable of flinging fireballs through the sky, inspiring troops to greater acts of slaughter and can be upgraded with the ability to cast Surge and Lightning Bolt too. The Supreme Iron-Caster is made mobile by being mounted on a flying Great Winged Abyssal. This miniature is based on the 175mm tall PVC plastic dragon, with a metal upgrade kit for the head. The Supreme Iron-caster can be [...]

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Conquering Kings of War

October’s Conquering Kings of War videos are out from Beasts of War, where Rich and Justin take to the battlefield to give you hints, tips and demos of how to play Kings of War – The Game of Fantasy Battles! Check out all of the episodes here.

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Ogre Hunters

Ogre society is more complex than outsiders often realise, governed by a strict hierarchy based on martial skill and respect, far more sophisticated than the savagery of the Orc. For a nomadic people such as Ogres, skill at the hunt is just as important as skill in battle. Hunting requires not only strength of body and feats of arms, but cunning, intelligence and fieldcraft. Hunters are greatly respected within their tribes, possessing a variety of finely honed skills passed from one generation to the next. These skills also transfer well on to the battlefield, allowing them to set traps, ambush the foe, and target the monstrous mounts and minions of their enemies, or equally drive their own bestial charges before them into the fray. If being fast, strong and resilient isn’t enough, Ogre Hunters are masters of the wilderness. In addition to their Me 3+ Crushing Strength (1) attacks, Ogre Hunters have the Pathfinder and Ensnare special rules – that means that suffer no movement penalties for difficult terrain, are not Hindered for charging through difficult terrain, and enemy suffer an additional -1 to hit this unit in melee when attacking in the front. How will you use them in [...]

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Zombie Trolls

The peculiar physiology of Trolls makes them incredibly difficult to kill, their flesh re-knitting any wound and their thick, glutinous blood almost reluctant to leave their bodies. Resurrecting them as zombies has the unusual side effect of improving their general level of intelligence, though why this should be so is a matter of some debate. Some scholars suggest that the regenerative abilities of Troll-kind are somehow inhibitive of higher brain function, while others posit that it is simply impossible to make a Troll any stupider merely by virtue of it being dead. Whatever the truth, Zombie trolls are a deadly, if slow opponent to face. New for every Undead player are the Zombie Trolls! Beautifully rendered in disgusting detail and painted in pallid colours, Zombie Trolls can add some much needed punch to the Undead Army. A regiment has 18 Crushing Strength (2) attacks for example, and can be used in conjunction with a Necromancer who can use the Surge spell to help move them along a bit. Kings of War Battle Camp: Mastering Surge Combine this with the mass ranks of skeletons, zombies and ghouls in the Army Set, and fast units like Werewolves and Soul Reaver Knights and [...]

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Day of the Dragon

The pact between the Elves of the Alandar Mountains and the Majestic Dragons is older than many civilisations of the world. These noble creatures do not suffer themselves to serve lightly, and the relationship between the Dragon Kindred and their steeds is one of mutual respect. Rising on mighty pinions and able to breathe gouts of deadly fire at their foe, Dragons are rightly feared by all sentient creatures, and an Elf Lord riding one is as terrifying to his enemies as he is inspirational to his allies. Made of PVC plastic, the mighty Mantic Dragon stands 175mm tall on a 75mm square base. It features a head and neck unique to Kings of War; with a saddle sculpted around its neck meaning you can attach whatever rider you like. The rider itself is made of metal and armed with a lance and shield. A mighty champion on the tabletop, this hero can lead your Elf army into battle. Elf Armies This army features a hardened core of Spearmen and Bowmen. As skilled with spear or bow, Elves are elite warriors – and the addition of a Lord on Dragon and some cavalry will turn this into a force to [...]

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Last Chance to get 50% off DreadBall Xtreme!

Tomorrow is the Rugby World Cup Final and your last chance to get 50% off DreadBall Xtreme – The Galaxy’s Most Brutal Sport! The DreadBall Xtreme Boxed Game includes: Xtreme Deluxe Gaming Mat (worth £19.99 / $34.99) One ready-to-play Long Rock Lifers Convict Team (worth £17.99 / $29.99) One ready-to-play Bremlin Nebulas Kalyshi Team (worth £17.99 / $29.99) 9 DreadBall Xtreme Free Agents (worth £17.99 / $29.99) DreadBall Xtreme Obstacles and Accessories (worth £14.99 / $24.99) 2 Sets of Coloured Bases to show who is on which team, meaning you don’t need to paint your models! 1 Blaine Sponsor 1 Warden Rusolov Sponsor DreadBall Xtreme Rulebook Dice, Cards, Counters and more! And you can get all of it (worth over £90/$150) for just £24.99/$49.99, until 11:59pm Saturday 31st October. The Rugby World Cup Final is held on Saturday 31st October, get your copy of the Galaxy’s Most Brutal Sport now!

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15 to 1 the UK DreadBall National Final 2015

The 24th October saw five regional champions and ten other hopefuls, along with ever present stand-in player Dave Symonds, take to the pitch to play ball. All knew that over the next four games we would see the 2015 Dreadball National Champion crowned. Sixteen players was the perfect number for a final over four games as it would lead to a clear winner after the final game. The random draw from the start guaranteed one of the regional winners would be eliminated in the first round as Mike (Eastern) faced Pete (Southern) in the first major clash of the day. At the end of the first round eight players had had their hopes of being the National Champion dashed. Among them was Mike who narrowly lost to Pete, Dale the North Western Champion and Chris the Welsh and South Western Champion. At the start of the second round Leon (Reigning National Champion and winner of the London and South Eastern Regional) faced off against the killing machine Rob F (for those of you who have not played or seen Rob play he has one simple goal, kill everything). Unfortunately Rob’s brute force approach was no match for Leon and Rob [...]

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Open Day + Events Update!

The Open Day is less than a month away and we are hard at work getting ready. There are only a few tickets left, so if you haven’t got one yet, make sure you don’t miss out. If you need more encouragement, we are pleased to announce we will have stock of some of the latest Kings of War releases to buy on the day, including the fantastic new Elf Kindred Lord on Dragon and Abyssal Dwarf Supreme Iron-Caster on Great Winger Abyssal (which will be up on the website for pre-order very soon!) Stock may be limited, so make sure you get here early to avoid missing out. We have also decided to postpone the Brush with Death painting competition advertised on the website for the next Open Day, early next year. We will be making this a big part of the next Open Day, including categories for all our miniature ranges. We will have more news on this soon. Don’t worry if you wanted the chance to show off your brush skills, we have a fun Speed Painting Competition running throughout the day, with an undead theme. DreadBall Open Final Last Saturday, we held the UK National DreadBall [...]

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