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With popular fantasy miniatures range Kings of War, the science fiction sports board game DreadBall and the mass battle wargame Warpath, our games are simple and innovative, making them easy to learn, fast to play and above all else, fun. Check out our great range of wargames figures and tabletop miniatures in the Shop or learn more about fantasy and sci-fi races such as Elves, Dwarfs, Undead, Goblins, Ogres, Abyssal Dwarfs, Twilight Kin and Orcs in the Games Section.

Our miniatures are fully compatible with all major gaming systems including Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000, Privateers Press' Warmachine and Hordes as well as Infinity and Mercs.

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Welcome to the home of affordable wargames miniatures and fantastic tabletop games!

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Latest updates

Forces of the Abyss: Champion and Archfiend

The Lower Abyssals constantly fight among themselves for dominance over each other. Those who are born stronger or are possess of a low cunning manage to rise above the rest. They will take the best weapons and armour for themselves and become Abyssal Guard – elite foot soldiers in Abyssal armies. There are those who would rise yet further, taking command over vast legions of their brethren and attracting the attentions of the Wicked Ones themselves. The vaunted few are granted powers and strength far beyond that of mortals. They are the Abyssal Champions. The Abyssal Champion is a new hero kit to lead your armies into battle. Cast in high-quality metal, this kit shows the infernal champion stalking forth – leading your Lower Abyssals to war. The kit includes extra components that can be used to customise your miniature – you can field your champion with wither a curved sword or an ornate axe and there is a choice of heads – either maliciously grinning or in an expression of pure rage. Abyssal Champions are the go-to leaders for a Forces of the Abyss army. They are solid in close combat, with Crushing Strength (1), Inspiring, and Regeneration, too. [...]

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The Forces of the Abyss: Elite Troops

Impossibly vast, the circles of the Abyss are home to many worse creatures than the foot soldiers they employ. Within the Third circle dwell the beguiling Succubi. These demonic temptresses are the embodiment of mortals’ basest desires, both beautiful and terrible. They like to lure and play with their victims, treasuring lust and torment in equal measure. The powerful Chroneas who share their realm manipulate time itself to prolong their captive’s suffering for all eternity. The Succubi are new multi-part plastic models. The sprue contains a huge variety of vicious weapons. Each comes in a pair, although you can mix and match between these as much as you like, as all arms can be used with all bodies. There’s even a set of ships and an which is beckoning new victims – a nice touch! As with the Lower Abyssals, there are components to build a standard bearer and musician and a pair of imps which you can add to swarms. On the tabletop, Succubi are fast and deadly. They have a high speed stat and a lot of attacks, as well as really good skill in melee. Their drawback is having low defence – those skimpy clothes don’t protect [...]

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The Walking Dead: All Out War – Atlanta Camp

The Atlanta Camp is the first expansion for the Walking Dead: All Out War and is included in its entirety in the Something to Fear pledge level. Building on the models and story from the boxed game, this set include a host of new models and new gameplay as well as a number of exciting new scenarios for your survivors to face! Out on the Road The terrain in this part of the story is different to the more urban areas founds in the boxed game, with campfires, tents and the beloved RV making up the Atlanta camp. There’s even a new mat with alternate artwork depicting the woodland surroundings – that will join up to the one found in the boxed game, so that you can play larger games. The survivors have set up camp and only travel to the city for much needed supply runs. With new surroundings come new challenges – the campfire being one of them. Campfires attract walkers as they produce a lot of light, noise and heat. If a walker comes in range of one they will automatically approach it. You can use this to your advantage to lure walkers away from you, but [...]

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Unboxing The Walking Dead: All Out War Starter Set – Part 2!

Following on from yesterday’s post we take a look at the Walkers, scenery and dice in starter set… Did you get bit? Danger isn’t far away in The Walking Dead: All Out War and as well as rival gangs of survivors your party must also deal with the threat of Walkers. There are 12 Walker miniatures and a Walker reference card included in the box. They’re slow and unarmed, but are much more dangerous than they first appear. They won’t go down easily and when attacking in numbers can be devastating. The only way to permanently deal with them is to score a head shot or to crush their heads once they have been knocked down. Image not final. Pending Licensor approval. The Walkers in the game are controlled by an AI system. There are three ways in which a Walker can be made to move. If a player gets too close, within the ominous ‘kill-zone’ (under the round template shown above), then the Walkers will lunge to attack, biting and clawing at their precious survivors. Secondly, the Walkers are attracted to loud noises – gun shots and running mostly. Creating sound will draw any nearby walkers in. They advance [...]

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Forces of the Abyss: Lower Abyssals

The denizens of the Abyss are numerous and varied. The further away they dwell from their infernal masters, the less powerful they are, but they become far greater in number. Within the first circle of the Abyss dwell the lowest amongst their ranks – so called Lower Abyssals. These are the foot soldiers of invasions, armed with wicked weapons such as flails, tridents or curved blades. Their realm is the closest to mortal planes and they can commonly be found torturing captured mortals. Imps run at their feet, delighting in the cruelty of their brethren. Conflict is constant as each demon vies for dominance. Those who rise victorious be come the more powerful Abyssal Warriors. The Lower Abyssals kit can be used to create the core troops for your army from high quality hard plastic sprues. You can create a unit of hate-filled demons armed with a wide variety of weapons from tridents to two-handed axes, with shields to add more protection. There are also extra components to build a standard bearer, musician and champion for your regiment. Each sprue builds five lower Abyssals and two Imps – which means a regiment has twenty Lower Abyssals and ten Imps and [...]

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Unboxing The Walking Dead: All Out War Starter Set – Part 1!

The Walking Dead: All Our War will be available at retail in late 2016 for £34.99/$49.99. It is live on Kickstarter throughout February and you can find out more about the Kickstarter here. In this post we take a look inside the box of the core game… The Walking Dead All Out War The Walking Dead: All Out War starter set is unsurprisingly for new people to get into the game. It contains everything you need to play, including a rulebook and a dedicated Getting Started guide with a step-by-step guide for your first game making it easy to begin playing. There are all the tokens you need – activation counters, health tokens and an initiative counter – and a range ruler for moving your figures and determining range. And then there are the miniatures! Can you stay alive? In the Walking Dead: All Out War miniatures game, each player controls a group of survivors made up from characters from the storyline. In the starter game the starter groups are Rick and Carl Grimes, and Derek’s group of survivors – Liam, Sandra and Patrick – from Alexandria. Who are Derek and his group? These scavengers are a group of survivors [...]

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Forces of the Abyss: Origins of Evil

The origins of the Abyss can be traced back into the early history of Mantica, for they are intertwined with the calamitous events that have sundered the world. At a time when the world was still young, the Celestians walked amongst mortals. They were beings of almighty power, varied and wise beyond reckoning. They aided the races of Mantica, but stayed apart from them as a whole. Some worshipped them as gods. It is from these beings that the Abyss was born. The events that led to the Celestians’ downfall is a story unto itself. The consequences were terrible and far reaching – each of the Celestians was shattered into two beings; one good, one evil. However, both of these was erratic – living with only half of a mind. In an instant, the whole world was thrown in to war. War upon war was fought. Shining ones and wicked ones destroyed each other or tried to re-join with their opposing selves. The mortal races, caught in the middle of this conflict, were divided. Some fought alongside the shining ones to destroy the new evil, some killed in the name of the wicked ones, finally set loose with their power, [...]

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Five reasons you are going to love The Walking Dead Miniatures game!

It’s a skirmish game – and with minis that come assembled, it’s seconds from opening the box, to playing the game! The game is easy to learn – so the challenge is not the complex rule book – it’s dealing with the walkers trying to devour you – and the other survivors, shooting at you!! The miniatures are fantastic – all the sculptors were hugely talented and massive fans of the comics – with so much reference material they have smashed it out of the park! Oh, and the scale and the extreme high-quality tooling means you can see every detail – whether you paint it or not! You can change your group simply by adding a booster pack – each one has new figures, character cards and cool equipment cards. Which also means you’ll never fight against the same group twice too! And last, but definitely not least – it is set in the coolest storyline running in comics today – who doesn’t want to fight for survival there? Please feel free to pop along and check out the Kickstarter if you want to get it all and get it early, or watch for the game and wave 1 [...]

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The Walking Dead: All Out War – Its Alive!

Hi, Ronnie here. The response to the news about The Walking Dead Miniatures game has been astounding. Thanks for the messages you have been sending through. Over the coming days we will dive into the rules and show off the great range of miniatures we have for you, but before that I just wanted to take five to talk through a few of the decisions we have made, and why we have made them. I think it is pretty clear how excited we are bringing this game to the tabletop; the team have worked hard to bring the unique feel of the comic into the game – (before the end of the campaign there will be a rules set available for you to have a play through). It has taken us a lot of late nights to create a game that did justice to the comics. We persevered because we knew this was an opportunity to bring something new to the wargames table. The aim is that the game play will encompass both the desperate fight for scarce resources, but also create a PvP game where the Walkers pose just as much threat as the player opposite you. A kind [...]

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The Abyss is Opening….

The world writhes, seething with pain from an ancient wound. Fire bleeds onto its surface. Mad laughter fills the air as creatures beyond this world stalk forth from their infernal lair. The Abyss is opening and the world of Mantica trembles in its wake. The Abyssals are a brand new army for Kings of War. Demons and tortured souls enslaved to the twenty-seven dark lords of the Abyss, they are the source of all evil in the world. Now available as high-quality plastic, resin and metal miniatures, the time has never been better to lead your own Forces of the Abyss to war. Over the next few weeks we’ll be delving deep into forbidden lore, unlocking the tomes on nefarious devils and hording all of the information on these creatures. From building your first army, to painting up your collection, to their origins in the God War, we aim to cover as much of the Abyssals as we can. On top of that, the stalwart adventurers from Dungeon Saga are daring to trespass in the Infernal Crypts – we’ll be taking a close look at this expansion for Dungeon Saga and how it can tie into your Abyssal forces. In [...]

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