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DreadBall Xtreme Medi-bot

DreadBall Xtreme Medi-botDreadBall Xtreme Medi-bot

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Price: £6.99 Product code: MGDBX09

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Someone's got to clean up the mess...

Number of Miniatures: 1

Product Type: Plastic Miniature

Unit Type: Staff

Early attempts to use normal human paramedics did not end well. Usually they simply added to the body count...

It wasn’t long before a Sponsor with a medical background saw the obvious alternative. Soon the local emergency services needed armed guards for the medical robots because they were disappearing so fast. The object of this thievery was the pinnacle of portable medical equipment known as the medi-bot. These highly specialised (and costly) machines can work as every type of medical professional from paramedic to surgeon, though most of this encyclopaedia of skills are ignored in DreadBall Xtreme.


Contains 1 plastic preassembled miniature and 1 hex base.

Requires superglue to attach miniature to base. Models supplied unpainted.

Rules for this player can be found in the Xtreme Xpansion.

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