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DreadBall Xtreme Player Manual

DreadBall Xtreme Player ManualDreadBall Xtreme Player Manual

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Price: £13.49 Product code: MGDBX07

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An Expansion for the Galaxy's Most Brutal Sport


Product Type: Expansion Book

Sure, playing with the sponsors and teams that are presented in the rulebooks is fun, but Xtreme is all about breaking the mould, and what better way to do that than by creating your own sponsor and their own band of misfits from the ground up and throwing them into the fray?

What is DreadBall Xtreme? Find out more on our dedicated website!


This 80 page full colour book will show you how, and set you on the path to true Xtreme greatness!

  • Use any DreadBall Team in DreadBall Xtreme
  • Build your own custom DreadBall Team from ANY player in the DreadBall range
  • Rules for 4 New Sponsors, including: Kraato Gon, Dr Kain, The Shojuun and Rathmar.
  • Build your own custom Xtreme Sponsor

Customer reviews for this product

Must have for all DreadBall fans. Patrick Lefevre (Wijnegem,Antwerpen) 17 May 2016

Very nice read with good background material and some fluff. The Teambuilder is simplicity itself and you even get example lists in the back of the book if you want to field regular DreadBall teams on the Xtreme pitch.

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