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Greenmoon Smackers - Marauder Team

Greenmoon Smackers - Marauder TeamGreenmoon Smackers - Marauder Team

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Lead your team to victory on the bloodstained pitches of the greatest sport ever played!

Number of Miniatures: 13

Product Type: Sprueless Plastic Miniatures

Unit Type: Team

Ex-pirate scum turned major league heroes? The Greenmoon Smackers bring a wealth of violent tricks and brute force to the arena floor in a spectacular demonstration of brawn over brain!


This set contains 13 Sprueless plastic models, including:

  • 7 Marauder Jacks
  • 4 Marauder Guards
  • 1 Marauder Keeper
  • 1 Prone Figure
  • Clear Plastic Hex Bases

Includes alternate poses!

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Sprueless Plastic requires super glue.

Please note that this team does not come with DreadBall Team Cards.

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