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Dungeon Saga: Rise of the Shadow King (Gamebook)

Dungeon Saga: Rise of the Shadow King (Gamebook)Dungeon Saga: Rise of the Shadow King (Gamebook)

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Product Type: Adventure Gamebook

Author: Matt Gilbert


Rise of the Shadow King is a Dungeon Saga Adventure Gamebook in which YOU are the Hero. Set in the fantasy world of Mantica, you can immerse yourself in a quest to defeat the Shadow King, master of undeath. This is a classic adventure where you have plenty of opportunity to battle the undead denizens of Mantica, travel across plains, swamps, forests and an ancient fortress as you journey towards your ultimate goal. You might even stumble upon a Zombie Troll!

So finde two dice and an eraser, sharpen that pencil and get ready to take on the might of the Shadow King.

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