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Trident Realm Vanguard Card Set

Trident Realm Vanguard Card SetTrident Realm Vanguard Card Set

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Price: £12.49 Product code: MGWEVA007 This product is currently available for pre-order and will begin shipping from 29th July.

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Your Warband, Your Story...

Product Type: Card set

The kingdoms of the Trident Realm are proud and territorial and can commit to violence with little provocation. The lord of any land-bound territory would be wise to treat their inlets and coasts cautiously, lest they stir the fierce Neriticans who claim them as their own. When the Trident Realm stirs the very seas boil and storms rage, waves crash upon coastlines and the tides rise only to retreat, revealing the Neritican host, water cascading off shells and armour, and ready for war.


This set contains reference cards to create a Trident Realm Warband. Includes the following cards:

1 x Warband Reference Card
1 x Warband Spell Reference Card
1 x Otter Bevy
3 x Thuul
3 x Riverguard
4 x Naiad Heartpiercer
3 x Naiad Lurker
1 x Thuul Mythican
1 x Naiad Centurion
4 x Naiad Initiate
1 x Riverguard Treeleaper
1 x Placoderm Defender
1 x Water Elemental
1 x Naiad Envoy
1 x Giga
1 x Mythican Aquamage
1 x Riverguard Sentinel
1 x Dambuster Sentinel
1 x Riverguard Dambuster


Please note, this product does NOT contain miniatures or retail packaging.