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Abyssal Dwarf Army

Abyssal Dwarf ArmyAbyssal Dwarf Army

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Price: £59.99 Product code: MGKWK100 In stock now

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Epic fantasy armies clash on the fields of battle!

Number of Miniatures: 48

Product Type: Plastic and Metal Miniatures

Unit Type: Army Set

Twisted, evil parodies of their mountain-dwelling brethren. The Abyssal Dwarfs make use of slaves to bolster their numbers, and dark technologies to rain fire and destruction on their foes. This box allows you to recruit the first troops for your world-conquering army.



This set contains 48 multi-part plastic and metal Abyssal Dwarf miniatures, including:

  • 20 Immortal Guards
  • 10 Gargoyles
  • 10 Slave Orcs
  • 5 Halfbreeds
  • 3 Lesser Obsidian Golems
  • Bases
  • Mantic Points

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. This set does not include options for Command groups.


Customer reviews for this product

Real nice Models Mattias Fagerstrom (Grycksbo,Falun) 11 Mar 2016

After some minor inconvenient i can finaly make a full review These models are real nice, all with good details and good amount of figures for the price. The only bad thing where the halfbreedd, they did have some minor gaps after asembly, not bad but quite notable. Over all Best models i ever had the plesure to paint with

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