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Men-at-Arms Command Pack

Men-at-Arms Command PackMen-at-Arms Command Pack

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Men-at-Arms Command PackMen-at-Arms Command Pack
Men-at-Arms Command PackMen-at-Arms Command Pack
Price: £4.99 Product code: 6622010007

Epic fantasy armies clash on the fields of battle!

Product Type: Metal Upgrade Pack

The armies of the Hegemon are pious and proud, dedicating each battle fought to the Shining Ones of Basilea. Each regiment within the military bears its own blessed pennant and is lead by an honoured veteran of many wars. Through their unwavering belief and strict discipline, the Men-at-Arms can face any foe.


This set contains a metal upgrade pack for Kings of War, including:

  • 1 Metal Banner
  • 1 Metal Drum
  • 2 Metal Arms with Drumstricks

Miniatures unassembled and unpainted. Men-at-Arms not included. Requires Superglue.

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