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Revenant Cavalry Regiment

Revenant Cavalry RegimentRevenant Cavalry Regiment

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Mantic Games UndeadMantic Games Undead
Revenant Cavalry RegimentRevenant Cavalry Regiment
Revenant Cavalry RegimentRevenant Cavalry Regiment
Revenant Cavalry RegimentRevenant Cavalry Regiment
Price: £24.99 Product code: MGKWU60-1 In stock now

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Epic fantasy armies clash on the fields of battle!

Number of Miniatures: 10

Product Type: Plastic Resin Miniatures

Unit Type: Cavalry

Revenants are ancient heroes infused with a Necromancer’s power that rise to become deadly undead warriors. The Revenants form the armoured elite of a Necromancer’s army and when mounted on the unholy remains of their once revered war-charges, there are few living warriors with the strength or nerve to stand against them.

  • 10 Plastic Resin Revenant Knights
  • Lances and Shields
  • Champion, Musician and Standard Bearer
  • 10 25x50mm Cavalry bases
  • 1 x Mantic Case with protective foam
  • Mantic Points

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Resin/Plastic requires superglue.

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Customer reviews for this product

Forest Ramsey (Louisville, KY) 17 Jan 2011

These are, to me, the best undead cavalry out right now. There's an energy and menace built into the unit that I haven't seen elsewhere. The detailing is excellent and a fully assembled unit is amazing looking. They should put in a 6th star just for these guys.

Dren Dorrin (NW England) 14 Dec 2010

Absolutely gorgeous! These new resin/plastic versions gallop all over the older metal figures. The detail is crisp and extremely well defined. They fit together like a dream. A very well done to Mantic for doing a great job of realising the potential in this new material.

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