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Bulwarkers Regiment

Bulwarkers RegimentBulwarkers Regiment

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Bulwarkers RegimentBulwarkers Regiment
Bulwarkers RegimentBulwarkers Regiment
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Epic fantasy armies clash on the fields of battle!

Number of Miniatures: 20

Product Type: Hybrid Miniatures

Unit Type: Core Unit

Equipped with the heaviest armour available and long spears, these Dwarven Warriors actively seek enemy cavalry squadrons and place themselves in the way of their advance. Their excellent training allows them to get to the right position while still maintaining their impenetrable formation of serried ranks.


20 Dwarfs including:

  • Plastic Ironclad with hammers and axes
  • Components for leader, banner and musician
  • Metal components for spears and large shields
  • 20mm plastic bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Customer reviews for this product

horrible fitting Raymond Lentz (Belvaux,) 21 Jun 2016

Nothing to add to the previous poster. Why the pikes are not made of plastic that actually fits and is less prone to breaking is beyond me. I think i will have to use toothpicks to substitute for the broken lances.

Poor fit Karl Forder (FELSTED,Essex) 28 Oct 2015

The metal pikes come in two forms. Holding the pikes vertical in one hand, and holding the like at an angle two handed. Try as you like the latter do not fit around the mini without great cutting. I ended up breaking three of them and ended up having 10 bulwarkers as a troop only. Shame

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