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Flame Belcher

Flame BelcherFlame Belcher

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Price: £17.99 Product code: MGKWD74-1 In stock now

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Epic fantasy armies clash on the fields of battle!

Number of Miniatures: 3

Product Type: Plastic Miniatures

Unit Type: Warmachine

Blasting great bouts of fire from it's nozzle, a Dwarf Flame Belcher envelopes enemy regiments in such intense heat as to burn flesh and melt armour. These rare warmachines are held in great reverence in a Dwarf army for no other weapon creates such fear in an enemy - those who oppose the dwarfs will do well to stay away from this fearsome weapon's great maw.


  • 1 Dwarf Flame Belcher attachment
  • 1 Dwarf Ironbelcher Warmachine
  • 1 Dwarf Ironbelcher Crew
  • 1 Mantic Point
  • 2 20mm bases
  • 1 Mantic Carry Case with Protective Foam

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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Customer reviews for this product

Matched my expectations Jeffrey Zeiser (Torrance,CA) 08 Dec 2016

Its hard to write a review without mentioning the presentation. It comes in a DVD or Video game case (if you remember the good old days of retail) and has good padding for transport. It has all the artillery options, with the flame cannon being the best looking detail wise. It is all plastic with the flame cannon being metal. The model detail is good, but not great. It will look better once painted I am sure but there is a bit less quality on the plastic compared to another English company that makes mini's. I would say the dwarf figures have slightly better detail than the artillery components. This is in comparison to the 5 other dwarf artillery I have here from another developer. who shall remain nameless. As a new customer, I am satisfied with my first purchase from Mantic and expect to buy from them again.

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