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Ironclad Regiment

Ironclad RegimentIronclad Regiment

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Price: £19.99 Product code: MGKWD21-1 In stock now

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Epic fantasy armies clash on the fields of battle!

Number of Miniatures: 20

Product Type: Plastic Miniatures

Unit Type: Infantry

Regiments of battle-hardened Dwarf Ironclads form the core units of a hold’s army. They are tough, resilient and stubborn, presenting an unmoving shieldwall of impenetrable armour to the enemy. They specialise at weathering charges, letting the foe come to them where they can fight on their own terms with their heavy hammers and axes. They are led into battle by grizzled champions, usually lesser nobles wearing winged helmets in the style of their ancestors, their family’s standard proudly held aloft by their side.

20 Dwarfs including:

  • Plastic Ironclad with hammers and axes
  • Components for leader, banner and musician
  • Extra parts including Throwing Mastiffs and tankards
  • 20mm plastic bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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Customer reviews for this product

Kyle (Glasgow) 29 Aug 2011

Bought a large army set and was hugely impressed. The models are of a high quality and excellent value for money.

Adam (UK) 11 Mar 2011

I love the models, they really are great sculpts. But i have one little problem with these models. I got these ironclads as part of the warhost, but the "push together" models (separated legs and torso) don't exactly fit. I had to clip the "pegs" off the back of the torso in order for it to fit to the leg section. Otherwise, a really great purchase. Great value for money

William Martin (Virginia, USA) 05 Mar 2011

These came with my Mhorgoth's Revenge and they are very awesome looking. They were easy to paint and put together, plus, they're substantial unlike dwarves from other companies. You can even convert some of them to two-handed to make some Shieldbreakers. My only gripe is that it's hard to fit them flush to one another in a regiment.

Andreu (Mallorca, Spain) 30 Nov 2010

Grim and funny. They are a great example of "things well done". Cheap and full of quality. The price/quality/quantity is at the highest level i've ever met. Well done, Mantic-boys. I'll be your customer and recommender here in Mallorca. Thank you very much.

kelvin525 (Suffolk) 15 Nov 2010

Very pleased with the quality, easily up to the standard of other figure manufacturers. Great value for money plus quick delivery

Matt (UK) 03 Sep 2010

Very well sculpted and manufactured, very few casting lines on the figures and a boatload of extras. The miniatures themselves are huge and imposing, much more menacing than your average dwarf!

Insainiac (Brad Stephenson) (OutpostGamingClub) 03 Sep 2010

These have to be the most cost effective and funky looking dwarfs i'v ever seen. In no time at all you can have a battle ready regiment for a bargain. I love the fact that these minitures can be used for any system, increasing thier versitiliy. Do i hear thundering heavy troops (be it warhammer ironbreakers or hammerers) charging? Keep up the good work Mantic

David (South Australia) 08 Aug 2010

Awesome work here guys! I have some GW Dwarves that are so squat and stubby as well as hard to put their bodies together! These however were a pleasure to assemble! The perfect Dwarf model...perhaps!

Total Wargamer ( 05 Jul 2010

The Dwarf Ironclads are a pleasure to work with due to their simplicity, you can put a unit together in no time, what’s more you don’t feel that the simplicity detracts from the quality of the models. Full review here:

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