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Shieldbreaker Regiment

Shieldbreaker RegimentShieldbreaker Regiment

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Epic fantasy armies clash on the fields of battle!


Number of Miniatures: 20

Product Type: Plastic Miniatures

Unit Type: Infantry

Shieldbreakers are recruited from among the strongest of the Ironclad, swapping their axes and shields for great two-handed hammers that can crush armour and sunder shields. On the battlefield they act as hammer to the Ironclads’ anvil, flanking engaged units and bringing death to any who would stand against their hold. They take particular delight in smashing cavalry from their mounts, standing over their prone forms before delivering the coup de grace with a mighty downward blow.

20 Dwarfs including:

  • Plastic Shieldbreakers with two-handed hammers
  • Components for banner and musician
  • Additional heads and weapons
  • 20mm plastic bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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Customer reviews for this product

Almost perfect, great value overall Davis Smith (Fenton,MI) 19 Apr 2014

These are great, however it's very difficult to make them all have great weapons, so when you purchase these for games that have more of a uniform equipment sort of game play, it takes a bit of modding. It pays to have extra sprues, modding skills, and patience. One method I used was taking hands meant to hold things like banners, and hold a great weapon instead. Another gripe I have with these is the musician and banner gear look fairly meh. Overall though, fantastic value for the price, easy to mod, I highly recommend this product.

Richard Coleman (Marlow, UK) 05 Jan 2012

I had been toying with the idea of trying some Mantic figures for some time, so with the kids away for X-mas, I bought a box of these 20 figures and painted them up over X-mas - a picture of these are on the Mantic Facebook page. Value for money wise, the figures are off the scale when compared to another famous company, probably about half the cost. The figures were well molded, and virtually no flash which is important for me. And they look very nice when together as a unit. Downside, I found some of the figures/pegs did not quite fit together without gaps, which I ended up filling with paint. The round bases were very tight to the square bases and I cut a few down to fit it. I also found the bases a little over-sized to fit in certain other companies movement trays. However, overall, quality and cost far outweighed the little things that bugged me. I will definitely now buy more and build a Mantic Dwarf army. Keep it up guys (and gals maybe!)

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