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Elf Palace Guard Regiment

Elf Palace Guard RegimentElf Palace Guard Regiment

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Elf Palace Guard RegimentElf Palace Guard Regiment
Elf Palace Guard RegimentElf Palace Guard Regiment
Price: £19.99 Product code: MGKWE26-1 In stock now

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Epic fantasy armies clash on the fields of battle!


Number of Miniatures: 20

Product Type: Plastic Minitures

Unit Type: Infantry

The most experienced and skilled Elven warriors are drafted into the Palace Guard, where they swear their lives to the service of their lord. They wear the finest enchanted armour and fight with long glaives or two-handed blades, wielding them with impossible speed and elegance. A single warrior of the Palace Guard is a fierce enough opponent, but in formation with his comrades he is utterly deadly – they strike in perfect unison, bringing their weapons down upon their foes with uncanny precision.


This set contains:

  • Premium Plastic Elves
  • Glaives
  • Two-handed axes
  • Two-handed swords
  • Metal banner and musical instrument
  • Metal Champion
  • 2 Mantic Points
  • Mantic case with protective foam

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Customer reviews for this product

Good looking models with solid quality. Michael Ratzka (Bayreuth,Bayern) 03 Nov 2017

I like those a lot and had no trouble assembling the full regiment out of a single box. Look awesome when painted.

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