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Elf Gladestalker Regiment

Elf Gladestalker RegimentElf Gladestalker Regiment

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Elf Gladestalker RegimentElf Gladestalker Regiment
Elf Gladestalker RegimentElf Gladestalker Regiment
Price: £14.99 Product code: MGKWE27-1 In stock now

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Epic fantasy armies clash on the fields of battle!

Number of Miniatures: 20

Product Type: Plastic Miniatures

Unit Type: Infantry

Elves are among Mantica’s finest woodsmen, with a reputation for moving silently through the forests of their homeland without disturbing a single branch. In times of war, their most skilled scouts will put this expertise to use, ranging ahead of the main force and bringing back reports that will be put to use in battle. When the time comes to face the enemy head-on they will form up into ordered units and support their companions with volleys of arrows, usually loosed from the cover of a forest or ruin.


  • 20 Plastic Elf Gladestalkers with bows
  • 20mm bases
  • Comes with quivers and hand weapons
  • 1 Mantic Point
  • Mantic case with protective foam

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Customer reviews for this product

Great Martin Cloutier (Quebec,Quebec) 10 Nov 2015

The only thing i would've liked, are some extra bitz like in other Elven box: Elven dog and Elven casualty or even something as a tree stump! Other than that, this is a perfect kit.

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