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Elf Stormwind Cavalry Command Pack

Elf Stormwind Cavalry Command PackElf Stormwind Cavalry Command Pack

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Elf Stormwind Cavalry Command PackElf Stormwind Cavalry Command Pack
Elf Stormwind Cavalry Command PackElf Stormwind Cavalry Command Pack
Price: £4.99 Product code: 6611019911 In stock now

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Epic fantasy armies clash on the fields of battle!


Product Type: Metal Upgrade Pack

The Elves of Mantica breed horses that are noble of bearing and fast as quicksilver, elegant creatures that are deceptively strong and sturdy. In battle, units of Stormwind Cavalry speed across the battlefield on these magnificent beasts, clad in shining armour and striking at the enemy where they least suspect it. During times of peace they train in the saddle day and night, spending every waking hour with their mount until they are able to hit a miniscule target with the tip of their lance while travelling at a full gallop.


This set contains components to add a full command group to a Stormwind Cavalry Regiment, including:

  • 1 Metal Champion Arm with Sword
  • 1 Metal Arm with Banner
  • 1 Metal Pair of Arms with Instrument

Supplied unassembled and unpainted. Stormwind Cavalry not included. Requires Superglue.

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Customer reviews for this product

Misleading Richard Elson (London,Ealing) 21 Dec 2017

I ordered this pack and it is only three small arms, no complete figures. This is partly my fault for not reading the small print but it is very misleading to put the only picture up as three complete troops. I had thought this was a great bargain, but what you get for 4.99 is the opposite. Not worth buying at all, this is too expensive and the headline for the product is misleading.

Good metal bits, so so quality. Michael Ratzka (Bayreuth,Bayern) 03 Nov 2017

Good looking metal bits for the Stormwind Cavalry. Be aware that you only get the metal bits, not the complete models. Quality could be a bit better as one of the sets I received had a broken off sword.

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