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Elves Spearmen Regiment

Elves Spearmen RegimentElves Spearmen Regiment

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Elves Spearmen RegimentElves Spearmen Regiment
Elves Spearmen RegimentElves Spearmen Regiment
Price: £19.99 Product code: MGKWE22-1 In stock now

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Epic fantasy armies clash on the fields of battle!

Number of Miniatures: 20

Product Type: Plastic Miniatures

Unit Type: Infantry

Spearmen form the backbone of the Elven cohorts, and they are its true strength. Only those of noble birth are eligible to fight within their ranks, and all are hardened veterans, having honed their killing arts to perfection over many centuries of warfare. Highly disciplined and utterly deadly, they form the bodyguard and core of the armies of the Elven kings.


  • 20 Plastic Elf Spearmen
  • Spears and Shields
  • Champion, Musician and Standard Bearer
  • 20mm bases
  • 1 Mantic Point
  • Mantic case with protective foam

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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Customer reviews for this product

Iain Young (Carluke, Scotland) 09 Jan 2011

My wife got me the warhost as a surprise present for christmas, and was I surprised. I had been looking at the elves and they looked quite nice, but when they arrived and I started to open up the boxes I was stunned by the amount of detail and variety of the models. The only thing I would suggest for the younger modeler would be a small assembly guide as there are quite a lot of bits. Overall though fantastic models, fantastic price. Keep up the good work. (and get the cavalry out in plastic soon as my army needs more stuff)

john drear (wales, uk) 07 Aug 2010

when my elves arrived, i was amazed by the amount of detail on every single model on each of the sprues. the amount of customisation options and extras was astounding. there were i think 3 mould lines on all 20 minitures , and even these were tiny compared to what some other companies models have when building them. the mantic bases and the slot to fit systems on nearly all of the arms were great for dry fitting components and trying out poses ., even rotating a model within its base to fit a regiment better. once i have these models painted im definitly buying the warhost and might even try some undead or dwarves. great product, great price, and amazing gaming models.

Forest Ramsey (Louisville, KY, U.S.) 11 Jun 2010

When I first heard about the elves, I can admit to being lukewarm. They're just not my favorite army. But I bought a box to support a new, upstart miniature company. I was glad I did. The sculpting is exquisite, and these elves look graceful, agile, fragile but still deadly. The poses are amazing, and capture the feeling of an incredibly skilled warrior carefully eyeing his foe and waiting for the perfect moment to land a killing shot. The level of detail on the models is excellent, with finely-detailed armor and weapons. Mold lines are pretty small and the overall impression is of a quality product. You get a great choice of options and other bits on the sprue. The Mantic bases are also nice because, with the combination of more realistically proportioned-miniatures, and the good fit, they are the most stable miniatures I've ever had the pleasure to play with. This may not matter a lot all the time, but when you're moving a tray of elves to put them on the table, it's nice to not have to worry about your standard bearer taking a header onto the floor.

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