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Archfiend of the Abyss

Archfiend of the AbyssArchfiend of the Abyss

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Epic fantasy armies clash on the fields of battle!

Number of Miniatures: 1

Product Type: Resin Miniature

Unit Type: Monster


Favoured of the wicked ones, and the only creatures in the ranks of the Abyssal Hordes able to communicate directly with them. The Fiends act as commanders to the warhosts, and may take a myriad of powerful forms, from large winged creatures to bloated behemoths of evil.

This set contains 1 multi-part resin Abyssal miniature, including:


  • Optional Wings
  • 75mm Base

    Customer reviews for this product

    Fantastic general for my forces Victor Manuel Garcia Fernandez (Alcala de Henares,Madrid) 05 Mar 2016

    Fantastic general for my forces

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