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The Green Lady

The Green LadyThe Green Lady

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The Green LadyThe Green Lady
The Green LadyThe Green Lady
The Green LadyThe Green Lady
Price: £7.99 Product code: MGKWE95-1 In stock now

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Number of Miniatures: 1 Hero and 2 Cats

Product Type: Metal Miniature

Unit Type: Hero

Those who would defile the ancient realms of the Sylvan Kin must wrath of the Green Lady. She is at once the warm, summer sun and the howling winter gale; the giver of life and the reaper of souls.


  • 1  Metal Elf The Green Lady Figure
  • 2 Cats
  • 3 20mm bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Customer reviews for this product

Very good model Rachael Musson (Richmond,) 19 Jun 2015

Amazing detail, very crisp and well executed component wise. Its good to see well made metal models. Makes a very good hero and I am looking forwards to playing the Green Lady in KoW V2!

Beautifully detailed model Stephen Wylde (Wolverhampton,West Midlands) 22 Feb 2014

This is a really beautiful set of models, being very finely cast and full of detail. The cats are one piece castings and identical in pose, although with a bit of bending the tails and leading limb can be altered if required. The Green Lady is surprisingly in kit form of four pieces which fit together in an ingenious way, and like the plastic Elves she is very slender. The detail on the Green Lady is superb and the casting quality matches this in equal measure. Looking at the delicate nature of the cloak makes sense as to why this is a kit rather than a clumsy one piece casting. I am to say the least very happy I bought this set as it was well worth every penny I paid for it!

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