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Red Goblin Biggit

Red Goblin BiggitRed Goblin Biggit

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Epic fantasy armies clash on the fields of battle!

Number of Miniatures: 1

Product Type: Metal Miniature.

Unit Type: Hero

Goblins are pragmatic creatures, attracted to the company of those who are biggest and strongest. Red Goblins are those who follow the Ogre Tribes, imitating as best they can the ways and customs of their idols. Biggits are the biggest and most impressive of these specimens, and it is they who lead the Goblin contingent of any Ogre force to war, their high pitched voices full of authority and malevolence as they boss about their lesser comrades. Though comical by Ogre standards, Biggits are not to be underestimated. Like all their kind, they are cunning enough to know where the enemy's weak spot is and nimble enough to find it!


This set contains a might hero for Kings of War, including:

  • Metal Red Goblin Biggit
  • 20mm Square Base
  • Alternate Components
  • Mantic Points

Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires superglue.

Customer reviews for this product

Big(est)git Patrick Lefevre (Wijnegem,Antwerpen) 17 May 2016

eyepatch is my personal favourite. You can also give hime a head with a conical hat wich would make a nice wizard. One arm holds a bow whilst the other is pointing at something and you get a bow with that one wich you can glue to his back if you want.

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