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Skeleton Regiment

Skeleton RegimentSkeleton Regiment

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Price: £19.99 Product code: MGKWU21-1 In stock now

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Number of Miniatures: 20

Product Type: Plastic Miniatures

Unit Type: Infantry

With rusted scraps of antiquated armour hanging off their bones and clutching the chipped and corroded weapons they bore in life, Skeleton Warriors form the bulk of the Legions of Undeath. Raised from the grave by the darkest sorcery, they are utterly enslaved to the will of their Necromancer master, and will obey their every command without question.

  • 20 Plastic Skeleton Warriors
  • Hand Weapons and Shield or Spear
  • Champion, Standard Bearer and Musician
  • Skeletal Dog, Extra heads and weapons
  • Mantic Points
  • 20mm bases
  • 1 Mantic Cases with Protective Foam

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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Customer reviews for this product

Tim (Bedford, England) 05 Aug 2011

Terrific. Great sculpting - better than GW, I'd say - and a decent array of poses. Mantic win extra points for not making the revenants more expensive than the normal skeletons just because they're better in battle. The problems? Shields are moulded on, if that bothers you (fine by me) and you don't get enough spears to equip the entire unit with them. But simple converting can see to that. Also you get a load of excellent other stuff on the bases - a decent modeller could make a 4-man unit filler out of the extra stuff and a GW square monster base. Highly recommended.

Captain Tanuki (Belgium) 04 Mar 2011

Very nice set ! I painted those and they look gorgeous. Crisp details, size matches perfectly other companies, and they are really nice to paint.

Praetorian13 (Westminster, Colorado USA) 12 Aug 2010

I love these guys! For one the scale is better than a certain other Great White company. Their skeletons are far too huge to fit inside 28mm human bodies! But the ehight means you could field them alongside in seperate units and they'd look ok. I would have liked separate shields (and arms), and I had to use some extra spears from a Wargames Factory Bronze-Age sprue to make sure the whole unit had spears. They paint up easy and nice. Now on my wish list some mummies or Egyptian style undead!! Also plastic skeletal cavalry would be great...hint hint

HaWior (Vienna) 07 Aug 2010

I like them very much. Okay there could be more variety of possibilities to assemble them absolutely individually. Some guys have already their weapon and shield to the body. So it is not easy to convert them. (Impossible) Nevertheless you can build a lot of different looking skeletons. For me it is the best Unit Box form Mantic.

Old School (Vienna) 23 Jul 2010

I just got my regiment yesterday, and the sprues are fantastic. I love the little extras like the skeletal rat and the skelly breaking out of the ground. OUSTANDING!

Dren (.) 21 Jun 2010

A horde of these skeletons looks incredible! These are by far the most realistic Walking Dead I've ever seen anywhere. A joy to paint

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