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Jarrun Bombard

Jarrun BombardJarrun Bombard

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Jarrun BombardJarrun Bombard
Jarrun BombardJarrun Bombard
Jarrun BombardJarrun Bombard
Jarrun BombardJarrun Bombard

Jarrun BombardJarrun Bombard
Price: £14.99 Product code: MGKWD60-1 In stock now

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Epic fantasy armies clash on the fields of battle!

Number of Miniatures: 1 Warmachine and 3 Dwarf Crew

Product Type: Hybrid Miniatures

Unit Type: Warmachine

The Bombard was developed by the Dwarfs of Llyfanifeg, developed over several centuries to create the perfect siege artillery engine. It is a revolutionary weapon designed to be capable of either firing directly at the enemy like a cannon or to lob shells high in the air, like the mortars employed by the Kingdoms of Men. This makes it an incredibly versatile war engine on both the battlefield and during sieges. Warsmiths who have managed to secure a Bombard sing their praises while still acknowledging that there are several “quirks” that must be ironed out if the design is to be widely accepted as a viable war engine.


1 Bombard including:

  • Plastic warmachine chassis
  • Metal Bombard components
  • 2 plastic Dwarf crew
  • 1 metal Dwarf crew
  • 20mm plastic bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Customer reviews for this product

Good stuff Kenny Hollinsworth (Sudbury,Suffolk) 25 Feb 2016

Another gift bought for a friend. well happy with the product.

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