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Battlezones: Sci-Fi Connector Clips

Battlezones: Sci-Fi Connector ClipsBattlezones: Sci-Fi Connector Clips

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Price: £7.99 Product code: MGTSCI99-1 In stock now

Grab your laser rifle and prepare to conquer the battlefields of the future!

Product Type: Modular Hard Plastic Scenery

Piece Count: 192 pcs


Mantic’s Battlezones system is the ideal terrain solution for sci-fi wargamers everywhere, bringing modular terrain to the table at an affordable price. For ambitious projects, you may want to stock up on extra connector clips, so this pack contains four sprues, giving you 128 right-angle (90°) connectors and 64 straight (180°) connectors.

This set contains:

  • 4 x Connector Sprues

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Sprueless Plastic requires super glue.

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