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Battlefields Basing Glue (PVA)

Battlefields Basing Glue (PVA)Battlefields Basing Glue (PVA)

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Product Type: Glue

Colour: Battlefields Basing Glue (PVA)

This is the glue you need when you make your bases. Once dry it will be clear. Use with all Army Painter Tufts, Batteground basing, Battlefields flock and Rocks. 50ml. pot with pointy precision nozzle allowing for direct application and minimum waste.


Army Painter Warpaints is an acrylic paint range specifically designed to compliment both the Colour primer sprays and the Quickshades. It has the best suppliers for each type of paint (Colours, Metallics and Inks) and so is unparralled quality. For quality, coverage and useability, the Wargamer Warpaints are the best of the best in the Industry.

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