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Quickshade Strong Tone

Quickshade Strong ToneQuickshade Strong Tone

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Price: £19.99 Product code: QS1002

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Product Type: Quick Shade

250ml tin of Quick Shade Strong Tone.

Quick Shade Strong Tone looks exceptionally good on models which need a deep shading and the rich brown pigment almost has an evil feel to it.

This Quick Shade is the most popular of all the tones as it will add a fantastic shading effect to any army and give it a stunning overall look. If in doubt, pick this tone!


Customer reviews for this product

Worst client attention AYOZE RAMOS (ALICANTE,Alicante) 04 Mar 2014

Im from Spain, so sorry about my english. I write here cause i dont find another place. I did my order at 12 01 2014, the status is Dispatched, and today, 04 03 2014 i dont know anything about it. I write them at email and never received an answer. I wrote more than 3 mails, and they NEVER answer me. So the attention is very poor, its the last time i buy in this web, hope another buyers do the same. CARE, they take the money and never answer.

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