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Anti-Shine Matt Varnish Spray Can

Anti-Shine Matt Varnish Spray CanAnti-Shine Matt Varnish Spray Can

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Price: £8.99 Product code: CP3003

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Product Type: Colour Primer

Anti-shine Matt Varnish 400ml spray can.

This high quality varnish offers protection for you painted models and has been designed to remove the shine of any models being dipped with Quick Shade or painted using conventional paints, giving a truly matt finish.

Engineered for and tested on thousands of toysoldiers, this varnish is a must for wargamers wanting their armies to look painted rather than dipped.

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Due to restrictions on sending pressurised containers by air this product is only available in the UK and Mainland Europe. Orders outside this area will be cancelled.

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This product is exempt from our Free Shipping promotion. This product will be sent by, and charged for, courier shipping.

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